What To Do in Samoa
Resort Activities


Le Uaina is the perfect place to explore. Before the resort was built on the Leniu family homestead grounds in late 2009, Falepuna was the domain of locals only, so the area has only been open to tourists since then.

Blue Starfish and NemoKayaking

Le Uaina provides kayaks in a safe lagoon setting for people of all ages - with lots of equipment including safety gear available for hire.

Exploring the Reef

One of Le Uaina's unique features is a literally untouched reef. Spend hours exploring the wonders of the reef and take some unbelievable pictures like Diane's one on the left!

Ancient Legends Tour

Le Uaina is situated on land that is rich with history, legengs and its own share of monuments such as The Three Ladies's Seats and The Foot Print. Let us take you on a tour that will delight and fascinate at the same time. 

Falefa Waterfalls ToursWaterfalls

Local Waterfall Falefa (pictured right) is a local tourist spot not to be missed. We take you on a tour of the Falefa district includes this cool spring waterfall set amongst some of Samoa's lush forests. Great for a refreshing swim and gorgeous photos.

Piula Cavepool Tours

You can literally swim across the lagoon to the famous Piula Cavepool but we also offer a tour of surrounding are - an unforgetable excursion cloaked in theology and local culture.

Exploring Local Flavours/Umu Cooking

If you love food as much as we do, then you will appreciate our approach to preparing local delicacies AND some plain delicious Samoan staples. Catch your own seafood, grate your own coconut, lower your own meal into our underground oven, and get ready for a culinary adventure!

If there is a cultural activity you would like to try, just ask...

Top 5 Things to Do

1. Relax, unwind and read that book you never seem to get around to


2. Snorkelling (and kay aking) out to explore the wonders of the reef     


3. Swimming across the lagoon to the famous freshwater Piula Cave Pool


4. Enjoying the locally grown and fresh produce cooked Samoan style


 5. Letting the kids go for it while you take the much needed rest! Or Just Join Them


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