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Here's a little bit about us and our place, from me, Leuaina Hunt.Leuiana Hunt

The resort (and me) were named after my grandmother, Le Uaina (Leniu) Hunt. My dad said she was the source of inspiration for our family and friends, a hard-working woman who shared the true Samoan hospitality in welcoming visiting families, friends and guests. At Le Uaina Beach Resort we are carrying on with her traditions of welcoming people in the best Samoan way possible. And people say we are doing a good job.

The resort is built on the old Leniu family homestead and land, which my family says holds historical significance. It also has ancient monuments like The Three Ladies' Seats and The Foot Print that I grew up hearing about. Our Historical Legends Tour is for people who want to know more about this part of our land history.

We are on the Northeast side of Upolu island at Faleapuna village. We are far enough from town to be really private but close enough that we can drive there if we need to - it only takes half an hour.

My dad built this place with love - he didn't move one landmark or cut down one tree. He said because he grew up here he wanted the hotel to be built around the things that he loved. So now the restaurant and bar opens onto a large timber deck my dad made that has a Talie and coconut tree in it. The Talie was here when my great-grandmother was alive is still here offering its natural shades from the hot sun while people enjoy themselves on the deck.

The beach area is great. We should know there are eight of us kids! And now dad offers many activities like kayaking and snorkeling, sightseeing and sometimes surfing if the water swells. He also offers up the same old stories, like how my grandfather, driving a bus from town one day, met this beautiful girl from Faleapuna and never returned - things like that! We are used to hearing them, but I'm guessing you would really like them.

So we invite you to come to our place. Enjoy our hospitality and make yourself at home. My mum says its a real holiday for you, and a true pleasure for us. Come soon!

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P.S There is also a reason why we have the Samoan lizard (pili) in our logo, so ask dad, it's a really cool story.