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Places To Visit in Samoa

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Places To Visit in Samoa
Tosua Trench (Lotofaga)


This natural swimming pool on a volcanic Samoan island of Upolu offers visitors the ultimate experience in relaxation.

To Sua Ocean Trench, which literally translates as 'big hole,' is located in Lotofaga village, on the south coast of Upolu island in Samoa. When the volcanoes erupted on the island, much of the ground fell away, and this 98-foot deep hole was the result.

Steps lead down to a ladder, which tourists can use to descend into the grotto, or use as an impromptu diving board (providing the water levels are high enough).

For those less brave, a tumble in from a board a matter of inches above the water may be the safer option.

Robert Louis Stevensons Museum


Samoa loves Robert Louis Stevenson - and he loved Samoans. The love continues to this day as evidenced by the fact that he continues to be Samoa's most famous ex-patriot.

They gave him a Samoan name which was easier for them to pronounce. They called him Tusitala - which means 'writer of tales.' In most of the rest of the world, he is affectionately known as 'R.L.S.' - said by some, as the most beloved initials in all of English literature. His restored home is now the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum (RLSM).

The RLSM has become Samoa's premier historical venue. The home and grounds have been preserved and maintained in a way that makes it available for Samoans and visitors to Samoa to know about Tusitala and his love for this country. The happiest time of his life was spent in this very place. He is buried immediately above the home site and his own words of the epitaph on his tomb reflect his desire to be buried here.

Samoa Cultural Village (Central Apia)


Fa’a Samoa – the Samoan Way

Samoa is a traditional Polynesian society with Fa’a Samoa playing a vital role in village and community life. Samoans are proud of their strong Fa’a Samoa – which means ‘the Samoan Way’. It is the essence of the Samoan culture and dictates how Samoans are meant to behave and their obligations to their elders, superiors, family, community, church and the environment. There are over 362 nu’u or villages in Samoa with a total of 18,00 matais (chiefs).

Churches of various denominations feature in every village while meeting houses and open fales or homes encircle the malae or village green.
Fa’a Samoa has a strong focus on welcoming visitors making Samoans friendly and hospitable hosts. However, Samoans expect their guests to observe and respect local customs.

For a quick insight into Samoa's culture and traditions, visit the Samoa Cultural Village today.

Piula Cave Pools


Piula Cave Pool (also known as Fatumea Pool) is a natural freshwater pool by the sea beneath the historic Methodis Chapel at Piula on the north coast of Upolu island in Samoa.

It is situated at Lufilufi in the political district of Atua, 26 km east from the capital Apia, along the scenic coastal road. Entry is by the main road through the painted stone wall of piula theological collage with steps leading down to the pool.

A popular swimming hole for locals and visitors, the pool is formed by a natural spring flowing out of a cove and out to sea. Inside the main cave opening on the north side is a short submerged tunnel leading to a smaller cave opening on the east side of the pool.

It is open Mondays to Saturdays and there are small Fale and changing rooms for visitors. The monastery charges a small visitor's fee.

Falefa Falls


Located in the beautiful village of Falefa. these waterfalls are known for their beauty, and never ending display of power.

Daily boat trips from Leuaina Resort can take you up close and personal to these unpredictable giants.

It is recommended not to jump from the top of the waerfall, but if you do dare brave the leap of faith please ask locals about where is best to dive.

Beauiful photos can be taken anywhere from the falls but please ask permision first.


Palolo Deep


This delightful spot is only five minutes walk from the centre of Apia (head east to Vaiala Beach).

There’s a blue hole surrounded by walls of coral and tropical fish so it’s great for snorkelling, diving and swimming or just relaxing with a picnic.

There are toilets, showers and changing rooms and snorkel gear can be hired. 




Samoan Flea Markets


Rich with Samoan handicrafts, the flea market will be the best place to purchase souvernirs for family and friend's back home, while at the same time helping out the local economy.

Samoa is proud for their long held cultural method of carving and tapa making techniques that were passed down from generation to please stop on by and support the local communities.

Note that these artists are hard working people with familys to support, so please do not negotiate more then you have to. Support local Artists so the tradition lives on.


Lalomanu Beaches


Imagine that you died and went to heaven. this is where you would probably end up.

Samoa is full of beautiful beaches but lalomanu takes the cake when it comes to scenery.

Picture perfect photos from the soft sandy beaches take you to unbelievable emotions that you have never felt before. oh, need i say that your friends would actually die of jealousy. Heaven is in samoa, so dont wait till you die!



Bus Rides


You can't leave Samoa without jumping on one of these babies. Travel like a local and get to know a few of them. the Samoans are some of the friendliest people your will ever meet. trips around the island are fun and colourful when you just jump on the bus and go.